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The 6 Essential Elements of the AlwaysChoose Approach

AlwaysChoose the life-affirming path.
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Freedom and inspiration are so much closer than you think.


At the heart of the AlwaysChoose approach is making the choice to be life-affirming, in each and every moment we are alive. To open and move deeper into whatever experience is present for you, whatever life is bringing and whatever you notice yourself thinking, feeling and doing. And from here you steer your life from your place of deepest wisdom, guiding yourself towards the life you really want. 


In this world where we see uncertainty, anxiety and stress all around us, stepping into the AlwaysChoose approach to life brings you the possibility of transforming your experience, and in doing so enjoying more joy and a sense of personal achievement, no matter what is happening in your day. 


It brings you a way of living where you can find clarity in what you really want from your life for yourself, what you can gift the world with, and where you can learn how to make this happen. It offers a way to experience peace and calmness throughout all the challenges of everyday living, and where you can have the certainty, strength and resilience to navigate these challenges.


This approach is easy to access and you can enjoy making progress quickly. It also offers you an incredibly fulfilling and lifelong exploration into you, your deepest self, and your most amazing life. 


Its simple and powerful steps are founded on over fifty combined years of investigation and insight into the world’s greatest wisdom traditions. Already transforming the lives of many people, AlwaysChoose is based on critical analysis on how to have an incredible life, a life of possibility and adventure, as well as being deeply soul connected to that which is beyond us all - the spirit that we all are carried by.


There are six carefully distilled elements to the AlwaysChoose approach to living. You can explore more about these by clicking the links below. where you will find writings, tools and techniques, videos and recordings. 

There is no particular order to working through these elements and through your explorations, you will find that they all intertwine with each other. A powerful and beautiful dance, particular to you.


Depending on where you are in your life and your current levels of exploration, some will call to you more than others. Some will require you to go to new depths of exploration and others may even actively repel you for a time. We find that for many it is particularly those that until now we have kept ourselves away from, that can be the most opening when investigated sensitively. But we trust that deep down you already know how to allow a curiosity that means all can be explored, as all of these elements have the power to point you toward living your most fulfilling, inspired life.

As well as the 6 elements pages linked to below, information on how to attend workshops and one-to-one work can also be found here

We hope you enjoy the exploration!

Open Heart

Calm Mind

Devotion to Self

Personal Compass

Body & Breath

Inspired Action

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