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Jon Macdonald

Jon is a leadership coach and a transformational coach for men. He was formerly a Board Member and Chief Risk Officer of a FTSE-100 sized business. He has overseen more than $2 trillion of assets and more than 1,000 executives in his career, has created >$1 billion of capital, sponsored $300m projects, and built and run teams with world-class leadership and engagement. He is a 30+ year mindfulness master and an embodiment, human performance and leadership expert.

He is passionate about guiding people towards finding their passions and teaching them how to lead a powerful and inspiring life from this place, impacting their life, business and the wider world. He is a truth-teller for the change that is needed in our world.


He teaches people from many countries, supporting them on their individual and unique path towards having an outstanding life amongst all the challenges of our modern world. He guides them in creating practical ways of living that inspire themselves and others.


People often describe Jon as a master of contradiction who successfully bridges the gap between many different worlds. He is a mindfulness expert and advanced meditation teacher with more than 30 years of meditation expertise. He is a guide and transformative coach, and a former executive board director of a complex and highly regulated $150bn business. His colleagues would say that one of his most impactful legacies from this career was introducing a much-needed focus on humanity into many businesses. 


He has a full and busy personal life as a surfer, cold water swimmer, husband, and parent to his three children and two step-children. More recently, for fun, he has taken up shaolin martial arts as his next exploration.

Jon and his wife Kirsty have combined their wisdom to create the AlwaysChoose approach to leadership and life. They write, teach and guide on this to those who want to live their most inspired life. 

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"Jon is an inspiration and has helped me immeasurably in moving to a more purposeful life. He has challenged me and supported me in shaping both my future (my reason for being) and the vision, mission and purpose of my Foundation (my legacy). I can't thank Jon enough and would highly recommend his leadership, foresight and unique ability to nurture and coach to anyone seeking a path to achieving amazing things and to having greater purpose/meaning in their lives."


"His insight, complete acceptance, and calm created a place of trust very quickly, and he quickly drilled down through the layers to the real issues which were blocking me. There was a moment when something suddenly clicked and I had a real sense of “oh, of course that’s what this is about” – followed by a profound shift, as the resistance dropped away,  and I suddenly found myself fully inhabiting myself, feeling incredibly grounded, and just really relaxing in being.


Since then I’ve felt much more embodied, much more relaxed and acting from my own power in situations where I’d usually be acting from a place of resentful insecurity, and really attaching much more often to a sense of deep well-being regardless of what’s being going on around me." 

“Seriously life-changing stuff.”


“Jon’s words of wisdom provided not only much needed guidance... but also created a powerful shift in my thinking of what constitutes success and failure.”


“Jon’s teachings and guidance have inspired me to take a deep look within and choose a path towards the best version of myself.”


“I trust Jon unconditionally.”

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