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I Have Literally Never Felt So Free"

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Say YES to the Power of Inspirational Choice and learn how this method can transform your life.

Your Inspired Choice Leads to Change

"Jon and Kirsty Macdonald create an inspiring space for you to powerfully transform your life. Their approach to living is both simple to access and deeply impactful"
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"Never in a million years did I think I could truly feel at peace"

"My life is more positive. I am more productive and happier"

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"I can still feel the powerful shift in my body and whole way of being...that continues in everything I do now"

"All I can say is I wish I had done it sooner. It's one of the best things I have ever done for myself"

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"Transformative in every way"

"The changes are powerful and everlasting"

Change is So Much Closer Than You Think

Through the Power of Inspirational Choice you can master the problems that many of us face - stress, anxiety, confusion, indifference, lethargy, uncertainty, apathy and addiction, to name a few - and step into your greatness as the incredible person you are.

You can choose to be your most inspired version of yourself, in your many roles in life, whether this is as friend, parent, teacher, business owner, coach, blogger, C-suite, therapist, actor, barista, nurse, entrepreneur or something else.

And in doing so, not only do you thrive and prosper, but also, one day, perhaps sooner than you might think, you may look back and remember that this was also the inspired choice you made for your family, grand-children, community, business, society, and our shared World. Looking back you may realise that this choice meant you were able to fully play your part in creating the future that we all so desperately need to live in peace together. 


We believe that when we all make inspirational choices - however big or small - together we solve our world's many problems. 


We teach people like you to choose to let go of what holds them back so they become fully realised in their life - and for the world around them.


Thousands of people have experienced our philosophy and teaching. 

We invite you to join us in your discovery of what is possible. 

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"Jon's teachings have inspired me to take a deep look within and choose a path towards the best version of me"

"Working with Kirsty has, and I say this without any sense of overstatement, changed my life"

"Kirsty's coaching is subtle and sensitive... today I now operate from an entirely different place to where I started. I feel renewed"

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"I trust Jon unconditionally"

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